TCM Extreme edition: Fright-Rags exclusive

Every year FRIGHT-RAGS releases multiple limited edition tees, some are limited to a certain number, others are only available for a day or so.  Most tend to sell out.

I've been lucky enough to aquire a few of these t-shirts throughout the years, today we'll be taking a look at their TCM package.

The package was available in two styles: Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.  This is where my problem started.  Depending on the time of day I might prefer one film over the other.  The stark look and realism of the first, the over-the-top zaniness and humor of the sequel.  It's a tough fucking decision. I eventually decided on the second since I liked the design a tad better.

Fright-Rags always throws in extras unique to the film, from signed posters to a vial of water from the original Crystal Lake.  This time was no exception.  Also included was a poster, sticker, a few cards, and best of all a canister containing dirt from the original TCM filming location.

Per usual (and most importantly) the shirt is of the highest quality.  The design is bright and vivid, the material of the shirt is extremely soft.

At 50 dollars it might be more than some are willing to spend on a shirt and a few bonuses.  As a horror fanatic and a collector I find these packages hard to pass up.