The Making of George A. Romero's Day of the Dead (Book)

Release Date: 09/23/2014
Publisher: Plexus
Author: Lee Karr

There are three basic types of Romero fans out there.  Those who favor Night of the Living Dead, those who obsess over Dawn of the Dead, and those who live by Day of the Dead.  Clearly author Lee Karr is the latter.  The Making of George A. Romero's Day of the Dead will make you rethink your definition of thorough.  The author digs deep interviewing numerous people (from the obvious principle contributors to those who just had minor roles).  I thought I had a wealth of knowledge on all things Day of the Dead with a number of commentaries, interviews, and Q & A's under my belt, but Lee Karr has proven me a true novice.

Christmas Evil

Production Year: 1980
Release Date: 11/18/2014
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Director: Lewis Jackson

I'm sure most of us can remember the joys of Christmas Eve; fresh cookies, filled stockings, maybe even a visit from Santa.  Little Harry was so excited at the prospect of seeing Santa in action that he stayed up late.  I doubt the poor boy could have imagined that he'd see ol' Saint Nick givin' the goods to his mom.  Now as an adult working in a toy store Harry (Brandon Maggart) has grown to idolize the Christmas legend, going as far as keeping tabs on the "good boys and girls" in his neighborhood.  Unfortunately for the town, Harry is about to lose what little grip he has left on reality.

Neca - Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Retro Leatherface

NECA continues with their retro line giving everyone's favorite cannibal killer the Mego treatment.  I've been a big supporter of this line in the past and after their recent releases I don't see that changing any time soon.  Even with a few minor paint issues this Leatherface is still a very solid release!