Silent Night, Deadly Night

Production Year: 1984
Release Date: 09/16/2014
Studio: Anchor Bay
Director: Charles E. Sellier Jr.

The popularity of the slasher film reached it's peak in the mid 80's, producers and studio heads were scrambling to find the next Friday the 13th and at this point nothing was sacred.  Camping trips, school functions, holidays, the slasher has a rich history when it comes to bloodyin' up the once innocent affair.  Out of all the films of the period none caused a stir quite like Silent Night, Deadly Night.  Critics bashed the violence, parents were outraged by the depiction of a "killer" Santa Claus fearing it might cause irreconcilable damage to their children's psyche.  This controversy caused the film to get pulled from theaters and shelved.  Definitely a slasher first!

DST - Best of the Universal Monsters

With Diamond Select Toys' latest (and greatest!) series of Universal Monsters invading toy stores I figured I'd share a few pictures featuring my favorite of their releases thus far.  If you've missed out on a few of these releases it's never too late to play catch-up, if you're lucky you might find a few of the older ones discounted at your local Toys R Us.

Halloween 2014 gift guide!

Looking to buy a gift for the horror fan in your life?  You've came to the right place!  The months of September and October are rich with a plethora of horror and Halloween related items.  While it would be impossible to list every single product coming out, I have cherry-picked some of my personal must haves and attempted to recreate the look of an old Holiday catalog (c'mon, who doesn't remember how awesome those were!?)  Enjoy!

Horrific distractions - The horror memorabilia of FOUND.

If it wasn't clear by my latest review I was pretty taken by Found.  One great aspect of the film were the rooms of Marty and Steve.  Everytime the camera panned on a new section of the room you would catch glimpses of different pieces of horror memorabilia and monster toys.  When I went back to do the review I was sure to pay close attention to some of the cool things on display.  Below you'll find some of my favorite items!

Horror posters


Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 09/23/14
Studio: Xlrator
Director: Scott Schirmer

We live in a time where film equipment and editing software are both cheap and fairly obtainable.  Anyone with an amazon account and a bit of cash can make a film.  It's a blessing and it's a curse; dedicated auteurs can finally put their vision on video and Joe from down the road can film the 700th zombie flick.  Sometimes we strike out - sometimes we strike gold.  Found is a perfect example of striking gold.  It's strange, it's severe, it will haunt your mind like a bad LSD trip.  Found is about an oddball 5th grader named Marty (Gavin Brown), he's horror obsessed, creating his very own graphic novel, and his older brother keeps the sawed off heads of minorities in a bowling ball bag. You read that correctly.