Five awesome Halloween foods you can get now!

This time of the year is amazing for a few reasons, the cool crisp air, the influx of horror-related items, and of coarse the great food!

I'll cover Cost Plus World Market's awesome selection of Halloween merchandise a future update, for now we'll concentrate on their officially licensed Halloween snacks!  Creature from the Black Lagoon lollipops, Frankenbites, softdrinks, and more!  Universal Monsters fan will certainly want to make their way to Cost Plus immediately.  

Halloween at Homegoods!

Homegoods (formerly Garden Ridge) has loaded their store full of spooky items to ensure that the Halloween season is off to a great start!  

Halloween at Yankee Candle (2015)

If that cool breeze isn't enough of an indication that Halloween is getting closer and closer than Yankee Candle's annual Witches Ball should have been a dead giveaway.  Every year Yankee Candle adds to their Boney Bunch collection, a series of small skeleton-themed collectibles.  They range in price and style; everything from bride & groom to tart warmers.  Suffice it to say there's definitely something to please every fan of the Halloween season.

This year was my first time attending the event.  Unfortunately I got off to a late start thanks to a broken phone, but thankfully there were plenty of products to go around.  While some of the other local retailers have had a few Halloween items trickling out, this was my first big Halloween "experience" of the year, and it was definitely worth having to trek through a busy mall.

Doctor Butcher MD or: How I learned to quit worrying about the convoluted release history of Italian horror films

Zombies, cannibals, and mad doctors, oh my! Zombi Holocaust might just be one of the weirdest Italian cannibal films ever, however it's odd US distribution history might just rival the film's strangeness.  Directed by Marino Girolami (Violent City), the film was heavily "inspired" by the success of Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 and Joe D'Amato's Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals.

Like most Italian horror films of that period, the film was released in a number of countries and had dozens of titles throughout the 80's; La Terreur Des Zombies (France), Zombi Holocausto (Portugal), and in 1982 the film was unleashed unto US audiences as Doctor Butcher MD.