Figma - Flyboy action figure review!

George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead is arguably one of the best horror flicks of the 70's and it's no surprise that there's been a ton of inspired merchandise released over the years.  Funny considering the film's central theme, fan's have been spoiled with dozens of t-shirts, shot glasses, key chains, and more.  Surprisingly however, the number of action figures based on the film are few and far between.  In the 90's Reds Toys provided fans with four figures (Bald Head Zombie, Motorcycle Rider, Stephen, and Hatchet Head Zombie.)  Years later Neca would give Romero's zombie opus a shot with their cult classics line which eventually produced figures for Flyboy, the Hare Krishna Zombie, and the Plaid Shirt Zombie.  Unfortunately things dried up soon after, thankfully the Japanese company Figma has picked up the slack.

Three new sleaze-filled releases from VINEGAR SYNDROME!

Vinegar Syndrome, a company known for their quality releases of sleaze-ridden porn gems of the 60's and 70's has big plans for 2015.  No only are they giving slasher fans Don't go in the Woods, they're also working on raising money for VinegarSyndrome.TV, a way for fans across the globe to stream the label's film library.

On January 13th the company released three DVD's.

The Ribald Tales of Canterbury: A group of knights, journeying across the British countryside in the 15th century, share fantastic and absurd stories of sexual conquests. Hyapatia Lee and Coleen Brennan (aka Sharon Kelly) star. Then, in TASTY, struggling DJ Tasty Tastums realizes that what listeners really want to hear are the sounds of sex! Both RIBALD TALES and TASTY have been restored from their original 35mm negatives.

DST - Jay and Silent Bob Select Figures

Hollywood's favorite pot dealin' duo have returned (in plastic form) thanks to the fine folks over at Diamond Select Toys.  These two Select figures are the first in a line of View Askew merchandise featuring banks, Mego-inspired collectibles, Minimates, and a slew of other collectibles.