Five cool ornaments on this year's tree!

Halloween might be long gone but there's nothing stoppin' ya from letting horror seep into the Christmas season.  Today we're going to take a look at a handful of ornaments featuring zombies, monsters, and bounty hunters that happen to currently be hanging from my Christmas tree.

First up is my latest addition, Freddy In Space's Return of the Living Dead ornament!  Available for one short day this little collectible is a thing of beauty and currently my favorite ornament.  I'm sure this one will manage to hang around past the Holiday.

At the Devil's Door

Production Year: 2014
Release Date: 12/16/2014
Studio: IFC
Director: Nicholas McCarthy

It's California, it's the 80's, and a poor girl has just agreed to sell her soul to the Devil.  Decades later a real estate agent named Leigh (Catalina Sandino Moreno) is attempting to sell the property that this young girl once called home.  The current owners happen seem oddly anxious to get rid of the place, could it have something to do with their missing now daughter?  Maybe the answers are wrapped up in that big wad of money the real estate agent found hidden in a dresser drawer.


Production Year: 2014
Release Date: 12/16/2014
Studio: IFC
Director: Joel Soisson

Somewhere in the filthy city of Bangkok there's a scummy little apartment complex.  Every tenant seems to be a member of a social website called "Cam2Cam," where the sick people of Thailand go to get naked.  Cam2Cam is a site where any sick fetish is catered to.  Interested in seeing Mimes droppin' trou?  You've came to the right place.  Unfortunately for the users there's a certain member who's taken things to a pretty disturbing level. Brandishing two axes this man disrobes then dismembers his victims.

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